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   BODY STYLE YEAR 1970 - 1977
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RE9461  $265.00 set

1973 - 75 80/20 Carpet Set - RE9460  $265.00 set

1970 - 77 Plush Carpet Set - RE9461  $265.00 set

This is the only replacement
carpet set available with the original Interstate MFG. logo. That is because I made the O.E.M. heelpad and dimmer switch cover.
                                            R. Cole

Extra high pressure molding means the molded carpet exactly fits your car. We do our coloring for the binding, heelpad, and dimmer switch cover, so they all correctly match.  All sewing is done with the correct number of stitches per inch in color matched thread (not clear). The carpet set includes all jute. We have included the lower deluxe door carpet with sewn  on edge vinyl trim for the best coordination of your interior. Each carpet set is made to order and shipped immediately which minimizes packaging distortion for easy installation.  Color Chart

Note: For easiest installation remove the carpet from the box upon receipt.
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RE9511  $89.00 set

Sound Deadener Set - RE9511  $89.00 set
Our sound deadener set utilizes the same felt-metallic construction used originally to deaden sound and resist undercarriage heat. The pieces are cut and slit properly for easy installation.
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RE9512  $26.50 set

1970-77 Original Style Carpet Grommet -
RE9512  $26.50 set

Our carpet grommets are made with the same wall thickness and hardness as the originals so they have the correct look and “feel.”  Often overlooked, these will add significantly to your car’s authenticity.  One set consists of four long, three short, and an installation tool.

Available Separately:
RE9802   Long  $4.00 ea.
RE9801   Short  $4.00 ea.
RE9537   Grommet Installation Tool  $2.00 ea.

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RE9484  $15.00 quart

Interior Glue - RE9484   $15.00 quart
We have our glue formulated to achieve the best results for our carpet installation. One quart is enough for one carpet set.
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RE9621  $39.00

1970 - 75 Convertible Tack Strip Sets - RE9621  $39.00 set
Our convertible tack strip sets are made of the same type fiber board that was originally used.  They are not made of rubber or vinyl.  Each piece is cut to the final length and the holes, slots, and notches are correctly located for direct replacement.

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RE9473  $104.00 hand

1973-77 T-Top Headliner - RE9473  $104.00 hand
Skin with original grain.  Uses original attaching clip design. Color Chart

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RE9481  $9.95 each

1963-1982 Seat Installation Hook Tool - RE9481  $9.95 each
Our own designed “Hook Tool” makes your seat rebuilding easier. This is included with our own installation kits and may be purchased separately.
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RE9513  $22.00

1970-1977 Lower Deluxe Door Carpet
- RE9513  $22.00
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RE9475  $170.00 set of 4

1970-74E Side Seat Chrome w/Pivot Screws, Nylon Bushings - RE9475  $170.00 set of 4

RE9492  $170.00 set of 4

Late 74-78 Side Seat Chrome w/Pivot Screws, Nylon Bushings
- RE9492  $170.00 set of 4
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RE9462 $72.00 pair

1970-77 Armrest U-Trim - RE9462  $72.00 pair

Various P/N Below

1970-75 Walnut Insert Only -
RE9463  $18.00 pair
1976 Teak Insert Only -
RE9464  $14.00 pair
1977 Black Insert Only -
RE9465  $14.00 pair
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RE9472  $30.00 pair

1970-77 Door Panel Armrest Repair Kit - RE9472 $30.00 pair
Easy to install. Color Chart

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Various P/N Below

1970-75 Upper Die Casting with walnut insert, correct screws and washers - RE9466 (shown) $120.00 pair

1976 Upper Die Castings with teak insert and correct screws and washers. - RE9467   $120.00 pr.

1977 Upper Die Castings with black insert and correct screws and washers - RE9468  $120.00 pair

RE9469  $77.00 pair

1970-77 Lower Die Cast Trim Includes correct screws and washers - RE9469 $77.00 pair
Original attaching design.
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RE9471  $2.25 each

1968-77 Door Panel Metal Attaching Clips with Screws - RE9471  $2.25 each

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RE9477  $22.00 set

1968-77 Interior Screw Set - RE9477 $22.00 set
Includes all eyelets and washers.

1977 Screw Set - RE9478 $22.00 set
1978-82 Screw Set - RE9479  $22.00 set

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RE9622  $32.00 kit

Seat Installation Kits 1970-77 - RE9622  $32.00 kit
Our kits use the original type edge wire with the loops on the ends as originally designed. We have also included the correct number of wire attaching clips, hog rings, and “S” clips. Each kit also includes the hog ring pliers as well as our own designed “Hook Tool” to make the installation much easier.
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