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   BODY STYLE YEAR 1961 - 1962
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 1961-1962 Corvette Trunk Mat


All mats carry a part number as listed below, which is flanked on the left side of the
identification "US", and on the right the mold date "60" both within circles. A "1"
appears below the part number area. Black mats have a molded embossed part
Colored mats have an ink stamped part number, usually in black ink, although
white ink is
occasionally seen. White ink is available on request.

 RE9637TM Black Trunk Mat  GM Part # 3782772 Molded Part #  $325.00
 RE9638TM Red Trunk Mat
 GM Part # 3783835 Stamped Part #   $335.00
 RE9639TM Fawn Beige  GM Part # 3783837 Stamped Part #  $345.00
 RE9640TM Jewel Blue   GM Part # 3783834 Stamped Part #  $345.00

    1961 - 1962 Corvette Molded and Flat Paperboard Trunk Liners (Color Matched)

Trunk Liner

 Color Part No.
 Black  RE9637 $150.00
 Red RE9638
 Fawn Beige
 RE9639 $150.00
 Jewel Blue

 Trunk Liner

 Color Part No.
  Black  RE9641 $150.00
 Red RE9642
 Fawn Beige
 RE9643 $150.00
 Jewel Blue

1961-1962 Corvette Dash
RE9701  $320.00 other colors / $275.00 black or red

1961-62 Corvette Dash

We make the 1961-62 dash pad in the original texture and color.  You will be very satisfied with the fit when you follow our installation instruction page included with each dash.  For best results, we suggest using one quart of our interior adhesive.  Color Chart
RE9701   1961-62 Dash Pad - Black or Red   $275.00
RE9701   1961-62 Dash Pad - Color   $320.00 each
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1961-1962 Dash Grab Bar
RE9417  $99.00 each

1961-62 Dash Grab Bar - RE9417 $99.00 each

Comes covered with bezels and screws.  Specify Color
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1961-192 Grab Bar Covers
RE9415  $28.00 each

1961-62 Grab Bar Cover - E9415   $28.00 each

Cover only. Specify Color

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 1961-1962 Grab Bar
RE9414  $64.00 pair

1961-62 Grab Bar - RE9414   $64.00 pair

Grab bar metal with black foam rubber and screws ready for cover.
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 1961-1962 Grab Bar Assembly
RE9416  $72.00 each

1961-62 Grab Bar Assembly - RE9416   $72.00 each

Grab bar metal completely covered includes screws.  Specify Color
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RE9803  $48.00 each

1961-62 Burlap - RE9803   $48.00 each

Our new burlap seat support is more authentic than existing replicas. proper thickness.
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RE941  $51.00 each

1961-62 Seat Spring Unit - RE941   $51.00 each

A direct replacement for the original with superior performance.
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RE9538  $126.00 each

1961-62 Completely Authentic Seat Spring Unit - RE9538   $116.00 each

This is for those who want the very best.  Every detail is made like the original production unit.  We use three different wire gauges, three different spring heights, and three different coil diameters, one spring being conical.  The coils are inserted into pockets made of burlap and muslin according to the original specifications, to achieve the original seat contour.

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RE9613  $28.00 kit

1961 - 62 Seat Installation Kits - RE9613   $28.00 kit

We have used the hard paper covered wire which is on the original cars. Our kit also includes a pair of handy hog ring pliers as well as the correct number of hog rings to do the job.  All wires are cut to the correct length for direct replacement.

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RE9409  $229.00 set

1961 Door Panel S-Trim - RE9409 $229.00 set
12 piece set

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RE9423  $295.00 set

1961 Door Panel Decorative Trim Metal With Kick Panels - RE9423   $295.00 set

Exactly like original texture.
All holes die cut for easy installation.

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1961 Door Panels with Tuxedo Lower Carpet - RE9427 $172.00 pair
Like Original Door Panels
With armrest covers only. Color Chart
1961 Door Panels - RE9428 $218.00 pair
With upper metals and armrest covers, include all eyelets. Color Chart
1961 Door Panels - RE9429-61 1961 Model $652.00 pair
With upper metals, decorative trim metals and kicks, reflectors with brackets, armrest plastics covered, complete with chrome ends. Includes all eyelets.
1961 Door Panels
With upper metals, decorative trim metals and kicks, reflectors with brackets, armrest plastics covered, complete with chrome ends.  Includes all eyelets, S-trim, and opening bezels.  Color Chart
RE9429-S-61  1961 Model   $862.00 pair

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RE9408  $189.00 set

1962 Door Panel Trim - 6 piece set - RE9408   $189.00 set

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RE942  $39.00 each

1953-1962 Rear Window Bootliner - RE942   $39.00
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RE9407  $49.00 pair

1958-62 Kick Panel Trim - RE9407 $49.00 pair
Pair of trim.

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RE948  $62.00 pair

1958-61 Armrest Plastic with Brackets - RE948 $62.00 pair

Ready for installation of foam and covers.

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RE949  $27.00 pair

1959-61 Armrest Covers Only - RE949 $27.00 pair
Specify Color

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RE9410  $98.00 pair

1959-61 Covered Armrest Plastics - RE9410 $98.00 pair

Covered armrest plastics with brackets ready to install on car. Specify Color
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RE9411  $187.00 pair

1959-61 Covered Armrest Plastics with Chrome Ends - RE9411 $187.00 pair
Armrest assembly complete. Ready to install on car. Specify Color
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RE9412  $93.00 pair

1958-61 Armrest Chrome Ends - RE9412 $93.00 pair
Chrome ends only. Ready to install on armrest plastics.

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RE9490  $.35 each

1953-67 Door Panel And Interior Eyelet - RE9490 $.35 each
Direct replacement for original. Every detail counts.
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RE9413  $58.00 set of 4

1958-61 Door Panel Reflectors - RE9413   $58.00 set of 4

Set of 4 reflector bezel assemblies includes installation brackets and  wire nuts.

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RE9433  $12.50 pair

1962 Armrest covers only, cut to size with correct grain - RE9433   $12.50 pair

Select Color.

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RE9434  $24.00 pair

1962 Armrest metals only with screws - RE9434  $24.00 pair
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RE9435  $20.00 pair

1962 Armrest foam pad only - RE9435   $20.00 pair

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RE9432  $52.00 pair

1962 Armrest Unit Complete - RE9432  $52.00 pair

Armrest unit complete with metal, foam pad, vinyl cover and screws
Select Color

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RE9420  $90.00 pair

1959-62 Door Panel Upper Metal - RE9420   $90.00 pair
Ready to be installed on door panels.

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RE9431  $195.00 carpet set

1961 - 1962 Tuxedo Carpet Set - RE9431   $195.00 set
This carpet set has the original color with the gray foam backing. The binding has the correct grain and matches the heel pad and the interior trim.  The heel  pad is sewn over a thin underpad unto the carpet, like the original construction. We use color matched thread and the correct number of stitches per inch. The stitches are located 1/8” inside the heel pad’s perimeter. The dimmer switch grommet is molded with the correct wall thickness and hardness so it “feels” like the original. Each carpet set is made to order and shipped immediately which minimizes packaging distortion for easy installation.  Color Chart

Note: For easiest installation remove the carpet from the box upon receipt.

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RE9700  $10.00 each

1961-62 Dimmer Switch Grommet - RE9700 $10.00 each
Made of original construction with correct wall thicknesses the only replacement that is correct.
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RE9484  $15.00 quart

Interior Glue - RE9484   $15.00 quart

We have our glue formulated to achieve the best results for our carpet installation. One quart is enough for one carpet set.
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RE9614  $48.00 set

1961 - 62 Convertible Tack Strip Sets - RE9614   $48.00 set
Our convertible tack strip sets are made of the same type fiber board that was originally used.  They are not made of rubber or vinyl.  Each piece is cut to the final length and the holes, slots, and notches are correctly located for direct replacement.
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